By Dianne Boardman

Dianne Boardman

Andalusia is such a neglected area as everyone heads off on the cheap flights to the beach resorts. I have taken many holidays in those hills yet always manage to discover a new white-washed town, stunning view or Moorish Citadel.

The most famous places are well covered. The bustling towns of Cordoba, Seville and Granada with their famous palaces and gardens and shopping centres and the quaint costal villages and towns like Nerja and Almeria at the foothills. A place less often mentioned and certainly not to be missed is the ravishing town of Ronda, clinging to a deep gorge with a spectacular bridge called the ‘New Bridge’ even though it is over 600 years old, spanning the gorge between the old and new towns. It also claims to have one of the oldest bull-rings in Spain - a stone Amphitheatre dating back to 1762 which is still in use. The attached museum shows faded photographs of young men in toreador costumes, all long gone. The old town is quaint and cobbled with steep narrow streets and white-balconied houses trailing with a mix of flowers and drying clothes. The new town has wide squares and is buzzing with bars and cafes and is one of the busiest towns in the hills and a great place for lunch or to break your journey.